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Ad Watch: Republicans rehash misleading claims on Ami Bera

The National Republican Congressional Committee, in its first TV ad targeting Rep. Ami Bera, D-Elk Grove, seeks to paint the freshman lawmaker and medical doctor as a free-spending hyper-partisan who would cut entitlements.

Here’s the text of the ad, and an analysis from Christopher Cadelago of The Bee Capitol Bureau.

Text: Ami Bera talks about putting people first. Problem is, those people are Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi. In Washington, Bera voted with Pelosi nearly 80 percent of the time. Bera voted to increase the debt ceiling, just like Pelosi. Bera even supported Obamacare, which cuts Medicare by $700 billion, and cuts Medicare Advantage by $900 billion for local seniors. Ami Bera. The people he puts first are Obama and Pelosi.

Analysis: The ad makes stale claims that have already been scrutinized and found misleading.

Bera did indeed vote with House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi 79 percent of the time, according to the Sunlight Foundation’s OpenCongress. But Bera also has broken with most Democrats to support withholding federal funding for California high-speed rail and to delay taxes under the federal Affordable Care Act, which he supports.

Overall, Bera voted with the Democratic Party in the 113th Congress about 89 percent of the time. Bera’s Republican opponent, Doug Ose, voted with the GOP more than 90 percent of the time during his previous service in Congress.

While Bera voted to allow the debt to increase, so did Ose, who served three terms through 2005.

Repeated claims that the federal Affordable Care Act slashes Medicare lack the proper context. Though the law decreases spending on Medicare by more than $700 billion through 2022, it slows down its growth rather than cutting the program’s funding.