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Donald Trump rears again in tight Inland SoCal Assembly race

Marc Steinorth
Marc Steinorth AP

From Inland Southern California, further proof that Donald Trump is being used to bludgeon down-ballot Republicans.

In this case, it’s Assemblyman Marc Steinorth, R-Rancho Cucamonga, whose tossup district is being inundated with reminders of his party’s radioactive standard-bearer. Steinorth’s challenger, Democrat Abigail Medina, has repeatedly sought to link the GOP lawmaker to Trump.

Her latest attempt is a tough new ad out today that characterizes Steinorth and Trump as “two sides of the same coin,” drawing comparisons, however remote, between the men on immigrant rights, education and gun control and their treatment of women.

“No matter which way the coin lands on, voters lose,” Medina strategist Dave Jacobson said.

Steinorth, for his part, is taking a decidedly more local approach. His ad out Friday accuses Medina of being unable to balance her own finances and spending lavishly on travel to Miami Beach and Las Vegas.

It makes no mention, however, of Hillary Clinton.

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