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‘Californta’ pins welcome back legislators with error

A pin worn by some Assembly members misspelled ‘California.’
A pin worn by some Assembly members misspelled ‘California.’ Via legislative staffer

California state legislators might want to spend part of the next two years on bolstering education policy. Spelling, specifically.

Lawmakers commonly wear lapel pins identifying them as elected officials. Less common, though, are pins that misspell the name of the state the lawmakers represent.

“CALIFORNTA STATE ASSEMBLY MEMBER,” read the buttons adorning the outfits of lawmakers who took their oaths of office Monday.

The Assembly Sergeant-at-Arms office had handed out the pins as a way to help identify new members but “it's obvious there was a mistake made by the printer,” Kevin Liao, a spokesman for Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon, D-Paramount, said in an email.

Lapel pins with “California” are on order. Until they show up, though, lawmakers will keep touting their work representing Californta.

“For security purposes, the sergeants asked members to continue wearing the pins until corrected ones arrive,” Liao said.

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