Capitol Alert

California voters continue to shun political party identification

California had more than 19.43 million registered voters as of early last month, with voters shunning party affiliation at a growing rate, according to new state registration numbers.

Democratic and Republican registration dropped slightly from the Oct. 24 cutoff before the Nov. 8 presidential election. Registered Democrats, who made up 44.92 percent of voters ahead of the fall ballot, represented 44.77 percent last month. Republican registration dropped to 25.86 percent, down from 26.01 percent before the election.

Voters with no-party preference, meanwhile, grew their share to 24.51 percent, an increase from 24.27 percent before the fall election.

As of Feb. 10, California had 19.43 million voters, about 21,000 more than when the Oct. 24 pre-election registration deadline.

“Typically voter registration declines after an election,” Secretary of State Alex Padilla said in a statement Wednesday. “I am proud that California citizens continue to break our state’s voter registration record. It is clear that Californians are engaged and want to be active participants in our democracy.”

San Francisco, Alameda and Santa Cruz counties had the highest percentage of Democratic registration while Modoc, Lassen and Shasta counties had the highest percentage of Republican registration. San Francisco, Santa Clara and San Diego counties had the largest shares of no-party preference voters.