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What would the $5.2 billion transportation plan tax increase cost you?

The $5.2 billion transportation plan unveiled Wednesday relies heavily on higher fuel taxes and a new transportation improvement fee linked to a vehicle’s value.

Over 10 years, the proposed 12-cent increase in the base excise tax would raise an estimated $24.4 billion and the transportation improvement fee would raise an estimated $16.3 billion.

What that means for the owners of California’s more than 34 million registered vehicles, though, depends on how much they drive, gas mileage, and vehicle value. In addition, the various increases would take effect at different times. Everything would be in effect by July 1, 2019.

Even if the package fails, fuel taxes still are set to increase in the coming years because of complex tax swaps approved several years ago.

Under current law, administration officials project that the variable gas excise tax will be 14.9 cents July 1, 2019, compared to today's 9.8 cents. The estimate reflects expected gasoline prices, and could change.


Enter the number of miles you drive annually, your vehicle’s mpg and value to see how much you would pay per month, on average, under the road-funding package unveiled Wednesday at full implementation, compared to current law estimates.

Note: Applies to gas-powered vehicles. Use numbers only.

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