See how staff pay for men and women compares in California Legislature

By Laurel Rosenhall

With lawmakers highlighting wage inequity in California workplaces, The Sacramento Bee analyzed the Legislature’s own payroll to see whether men and women are paid equally by the institution that sets policy for the rest of the state. The findings show that women make 92 cents on the dollar compared to men in the Assembly, and 94 cents on the dollar compared to men in the Senate.

Within specific job categories, the average pay for men and women is rarely equal. In higher paid categories – such as chief of staff or chief consultant – men, on average, make more than women with the same title.

When women make more than men with the same job title, it tends to be in lower-paid job categories, such as executive secretary or committee assistant – positions that are dominated by female employees.

Source: Bee analysis of state Legislature payroll by Laurel Rosenhall

Interactive graphic by

Nathaniel Levine