Capitol Alert

AM Alert: Plastic bag ban, groundwater regulation remain as legislative session wraps up

Friends, it seems as though we were just laughing about Coolio’s appearance at the back-to-session bash, and now it’s already the end of August.

After laudatory sendoffs for Senate President Pro Tem Darrell Steinberg and former Assembly Speaker John A. Pérez, who are termed out at the end of the year, there’s only one thing left for the Legislature do this session: its work.

Expect today to be a long one, as lawmakers try to push through all of their remaining bills so they can head home and campaign for re-election. Three amendments to the Political Reform Act – including requirements to disclose donors on political ads, report travel destinations on gift forms and file quarterly, rather than semiannual, campaign finance reports – are not eligible to be taken up until Saturday, so the Senate and Assembly could keep going past midnight to avoid coming back this weekend to finish.

Among the big remaining battles to watch out for as Sunday’s deadline to pass legislation looms ever closer: a bill that would authorize regulation of California’s diminishing groundwater supply, a historic change that is strongly opposed by Republicans, and the plastic bag ban, which has been grabbing headlines all session long. While support for the bill has ebbed and flowed almost hour-by-hour over the last couple of days, it once again appears to be headed for the governor's desk.

VIDEO: You would think California lawmakers all love each other after Thursday’s fawning farewells for departing leaders, Dan Walters says.

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NEW JOBS: Congratulations to Jessica Ng and Lindsey Nitta, who recently joined Mercury Public Affairs. Ng previously served as campaign press secretary for Republican gubernatorial candidate Neel Kashkari. Nitta is the former vice president of the California Forestry Association.