Capitol Alert

Fabian Núñez leading fight against Six Californias measure

The fight against an initiative to split California into six states got a new face today, with former Assembly Speaker Fabian Núñez announcing he is taking the lead in an opposition campaign.

“Six Californias is an impractical, unworkable, and unconstitutional scheme that is undermining the California brand throughout the world just as our state is making an economic comeback,” Núñez said in a statement. “Our state’s diversity has always been its strength; tearing it up into six pieces is a solution in search of a problem that does nothing to address the challenges we face as a state that we need to tackle with the greatest talent pool imaginable: nearly 40 million Californians.”

As chairman of a committee called OneCalifornia, Núñez will lead the political and legal effort against the Six Californias measure pushed by Tim Draper, a venture capitalist from Silicon Valley. Draper submitted 1.3 million signatures to elections officials in July in the hopes of qualifying his measure for the November 2016 ballot. Authorities are now processing the validity of the signatures.

So far the OneCalifornia committee has not raised or spent any money. If the measure qualifies for the ballot, OneCalifornia spokesman Steven Maviglio said, the committee plans to raise money to fight it in court and on the campaign trail.

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