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Post-debate, Neel Kashkari back on radio goading Brown

One day after attacking Jerry Brown on a range of issues in a gubernatorial debate, Republican Neel Kashkari returned on Friday to lower-profile turf – talk radio – for a series of interviews goading the incumbent governor.

“Frankly, I expected a lot more from Gov. Brown,” Kashkari said on 790 KABC talk radio in Los Angeles. “I was prepared for Evander Holyfield, and I feel like Buster Douglas showed up.”

He said, “My message is this: When you knock out the champ, if the champ wants a rematch, you know what? Then the next thing to do is to give him that re-match, and I’m willing to take Gov. Brown on again if he wants to have another go at the apple.”

For candidates and their surrogates to claim victory after a debate is routine. So are boxing metaphors.

In a prepared statement, Los Angeles County Democratic Party Chairman Eric Bauman said it was Brown who “scored a knock out” in the debate.

Miss the debate? Here are highlights:

On plastic bags:

On the teacher tenure court decision:

On the influx of undocumented children:

On gas prices:

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