Capitol Alert

AM Alert: Support for Propositions 45, 46 plummets in latest poll

Support for two health-related ballot initiatives has dramatically eroded since the beginning of the summer, when large majorities of likely voters were inclined to vote yes on Propositions 45 and 46.

In a new Field Poll, 41 percent of respondents expressed support for Proposition 45, which would give the state insurance commissioner greater regulatory authority over health insurance rates, compared to 26 percent who opposed it. That’s a huge drop from the last poll conducted in late June and early July, when the measure had overwhelming support of 69 percent.

Proposition 46, which would raise the cap on damages in medical malpractices lawsuits and require drug testing for doctors, took an even more significant hit. More voters now oppose than support it, 37 percent to 34 percent, a major turnaround from the previous poll, when 58 percent of voters were inclined to vote yes.

Christopher Cadelago has more in his story from today’s paper. Here are the statistical tabulations prepared exclusively for Capitol Alert, as well as the publicly released results of the poll.

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TALK THAT TALK: The Secretary of State race between Democratic state Sen. Alex Padilla and Republican think tank director Pete Peterson could be this fall’s most competitive partisan statewide contest. Learn more about the two contenders in a “conversation” hosted by the Public Policy Institute of California, noon at the Sheraton Grand Sacramento on J Street.

STAY IN SCHOOL: State officials, including Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Torlakson, Secretary of Health and Human Services Diana Dooley and Assemblywoman Shirley Weber, D-San Diego, declare September “School Attendance Awareness Month” and discuss California initiatives to improve school attendance during a press conference at 10 a.m. in Room 1190 of the Capitol.

RUBBER MEETS THE ROAD: Washington, D.C.-based transportation research group TRIP will release a report evaluating the “current condition, use and funding of California’s surface transportation system,” 3:30 p.m. at the Caltrans Traffic Management Center in Rancho Cordova. Caltrans director Malcolm Dougherty will be on hand to comment on the findings.

LEADERS OF THE PACK: As part of a push for more campaign finance transparency, Gov. Jerry Brown signed a bill in May requiring nonprofits that make significant political contributions to disclose their donors. The law also requires the Fair Political Practices Commission to keep a running list of the top contributors to ballot measures, to ballot measure committees that have raised at least $1 million and to independent expenditures that have raised at least $1 million. Those lists went live this week with data about the fall campaign season.