Capitol Alert

VIDEO: Assembly hopeful Kevin McCarty talks Kings, cap-and-trade and taxes

The Bee Capitol Bureau’s ongoing candidate interview series continued on Wednesday with Sacramento City Councilman Kevin McCarty, one of two city council Democrats vying to fill the open Assembly seat left open by the departure of incumbent Assemblyman Roger Dickinson, D-Sacramento.

Pick up a copy of Thursday’s newspaper to get a thorough transcript of the conversation. In the meantime, here are some clips in which McCarty lays out his thinking on various issues.

Democrat-on-Democrat races are commonplace under California’s new top-two primary system. McCarty said he and opponent Steve Cohn align on most issues – but not on a public subsidy to build the Sacramento Kings a new arena.

California’s cap-and-trade law has been frequently in the headlines: during budget time because of a deal sending millions from carbon permit auctions to fund California’s high-speed rail, which McCarty questioned, and more recently because oil producers will need to purchase permits come January. Warnings about a price spike aside, McCarty said he supports covering oil companies.

Budget and tax policy would be priorities, McCarty said. He supports extending the Proposition 30 tax increase and tweaking the property tax limits enacted under Proposition 13.