Capitol Alert

Seven years later, a GOP response to Arnold Schwarzenegger

LOS ANGELES – It has been seven years since then-Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger told fellow Republicans that the party in California was “dying at the box office.”

Now, a rejoinder.

“He was the lead actor back then, as I recall,” Bob Huff, the Senate Republican leader said.

Huff, of Diamond Bar, addressed reporters Saturday, on the second day of the state party’s fall convention here. Republican voter registration has fallen since Schwarzenegger issued his warning, with the party failing to appeal to the state’s increasingly liberal and diverse electorate.

Huff lauded the party for a “total fundamental change” in its infrastructure, with a vastly improved – if still modest – fundraising effort. He also cited legislative races in which the GOP is fielding competitive candidates this year.

Still, it will be difficult for any Republican to win statewide office this year.

Said Huff: “It takes a while to change things.”