Capitol Alert

Jerry Brown heading to New York for climate summit, signs HOV lane bill

Gov. Jerry Brown will take his climate-change message to the United Nations this week, speaking at a climate summit that is drawing heads of state from around the world.

Brown used the occasion to announce Sunday that he has signed a package of environment-related bills, including legislation requiring clean-air vehicles to be granted toll-free or reduced-rate access to high-occupancy toll lanes in California.

Assembly Bill 1721, by Assemblyman Eric Linder, R-Corona, will add HOV lanes on toll bridges and highways to roadways on which certain clean-air vehicles are exempt from occupancy requirements in carpool lanes.

Brown said previously that he would participate in Tuesday’s New York summit, a precursor to international climate talks in Paris next year.

“The science of climate change, of course, is very clear,” Brown said in a video message. “The politics, not so. The politics of climate change are murky, uncertain and often totally ineffective. That’s why it’s good to take a look at what’s happening in California.”