Capitol Alert

GOP Texas gubernatorial candidate riding California

That Texas-California rivalry may not be going away for some time.

In a newly released TV ad, Texas Attorney General and Republican gubernatorial candidate Greg Abbott, rolls his wheelchair over a large map of the United States from California to the Texas border.

“Every week businesses leave California to escape high taxes and strangling regulations,” Abbott says in the ad. “They come to Texas because we keep taxes low and regulations reasonable.”

Earlier in the summer, Abbott reportedly told his state party convention that “I will not let them California our Texas” when referring to Democrats.

Sound familiar? Texas Gov. Rick Perry has made a habit of tweaking California’s leaders for failing to reverse the flow of companies eastward to the Lone Star State. Lately, though, Perry and California Gov. Jerry Brown may have something to commiserate over.

Both lost out on electric carmaker Tesla’s planned battery plant – to Nevada.