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True, misleading or outright lie: A guide to The Bee’s Ad Watch series

Campaign mailers from the 2014 election.
Campaign mailers from the 2014 election. The Sacramento Bee

Tuesday’s election is upon us, and mailboxes and television sets are overrun with political pitches. What to believe? Who to vote for?

The Sacramento Bee has tested the truth of television, radio and mailer ads in a handful of statewide and Sacramento-area political races on Tuesday’s ballot. Here is a compilation of the analyses, including ratings.

7th Congressional District, Rep. Ami Bera, D-Elk Grove, vs. Republican Doug Ose

Bera deceives in ad on Ose’s abortion rights position – Mostly misleading

Ose spreads flawed claims about Bera’s earnings - Mostly misleading

Republicans’ Obamacare ad rings true - True

Anti-Bera ad misleads on Obamacare - Mostly misleading

Ami Bera ad takes too many liberties - Somewhat misleading

Democrats use Obamacare against Ose – somewhat misleading

Main Street veers off course with Bera attack piece – Outright lie

Republicans rehash misleading claims on Ami Bera – Somewhat misleading

Democratic ad hitting Doug Ose goes too far - Somewhat misleading

Karl Rove’s PAC hits Bera with generic TV ad – Mostly misleading

Ami Bera omits some facts in first campaign ad - Somewhat misleading

Proposition 46

Spots targeting malpractice awards cap mislead – Somewhat misleading

Commercial backing Proposition 46 leaves out costs - Somewhat misleading

Proposition 46 foes distort reality in new TV ad - Outright lie

Proposition 46 backers hide the ball in first TV ad - Mostly misleading

Proposition 45

Ad targeting rate regulation measure overreaches – Somewhat misleading

Rate-regulation opponents parrot misleading claims - Somewhat misleading

Proposition 48

No on 48 ad misleads on California tribal gambling history - Mostly misleading

State Senate District 6, Richard Pan vs. Roger Dickinson

Mailer hits Richard Pan for residency questions - True

Attack on Roger Dickinson misleads - Somewhat misleading

Mailer misleads on Pan’s fracking record - Somewhat misleading

State Superintendent of Public Instruction, Marshall Tuck vs. Tom Torlakson

CTA overstates Torlakson’s accomplishments, Tuck’s failures - Somewhat misleading

Marshall Tuck promises state schools turnaround - Somewhat misleading

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