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Loretta Sanchez puts new spin on her annual Christmas card

The front cover of Rep. Loretta Sanchez’s 2015 Christmas card, featuring husband Jack Einwechter.
The front cover of Rep. Loretta Sanchez’s 2015 Christmas card, featuring husband Jack Einwechter. Courtesy of Rep. Loretta Sanchez

Rep. Loretta Sanchez, a candidate for the U.S. Senate, is out with a new version of her family’s zany and beloved Christmas card.

This year, there’s a twist.

The holiday greetings have become an annual tradition for Sanchez, D-Orange. They’ve featured her atop a motorcycle “Cruisin’ into the New Year – full of hope and holiday cheer,” ominously standing on the edge of the fiscal cliff and posing in front of Cinderella Castle at Disneyland. Last year, Sanchez and her husband, Jack Einwechter, dressed up in the uniforms of her favorite baseball team, the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, and took the field at Angels Stadium.

While the theme has changed, one constant of the cards has been her late cat, Gretzky, who last year appeared posthumously wearing a helmet promoting Hillary Clinton for president. The cat, who Sanchez received as a Christmas present, was named for his ability to bat items across her hardwood floors like a hockey puck, and then slide across the room to retrieve them. “It was a game he used to play,” Sanchez said of the “other” Great One.

This Christmas, Sanchez and Einwechter plan to introduce a new member of the family, an as-yet-unnamed cat, something they’ve deemed in this year’s card as a “paws for celebration.”

“My husband asked me what I wanted for Christmas and I told him I wanted a little kitty,” Sanchez said by phone, adding she’s been barred from reusing the name Gretzky.

The card urges recipients to visit her Facebook page to suggest the “purrfect name and find out what you could win.” Sanchez said she plans to select a winner and make a $500 donation to a qualified charity of their choice.

Asked if there were any particular names she could not live with, Sanchez, not surprisingly, said “Trump,” after the outspoken GOP presidential frontrunner Donald Trump. No Donald, either?

“No Donald,” said Sanchez, also rejecting the name of her Democratic opponent, Kamala Harris. “But maybe ‘The Don.’”

Christopher Cadelago: 916-326-5538, @ccadelago