Capitol Alert

Presidential candidate says Donald Trump needs ‘spiritual guidance’

Wiley Drake, pastor of the First Southern Baptist Church of Buena Park, was streaming his Internet talk show when an aide flagged down a reporter walking by the Capitol Tuesday.

Drake was Alan Keyes’ running mate in 2008, then grabbed national attention as a high-profile skeptic of President Barack Obama’s birth certificate. Now Drake, it turns out, is running for president – of the United States. He was in Sacramento to advocate for Bible studies in public schools.

Drake said he launched his quixotic campaign because America “has a birth certificate,” the Mayflower compact,” Drake explained. “It says they are here for the glory of God; the advancement of the Christian faith and the establishment of a righteous body politic.”

He suggested there may be other avenues to landing in the White House. Drake said an unnamed staff member of Republican Donald Trump’s presidential campaign reached out to him and said “Donald might ask you to be his running mate.”

That never happened. If it did, Drake would have accepted, he said. He still would come aboard if Trump, a fellow skeptic of Obama’s birth records, reconsidered. Drake said one of the reasons he would counsel Trump is because he isn’t “spiritually mature enough to be a president.”

“He sort of has the concept, ‘I have always been a Christian. I was born a Christian’ and that of course is contrary not only to evangelicals, but most importantly it’s contrary to the word of God,” Drake said.

“I have not heard Mr. Trump say ‘I personally invited Jesus into my heart and into my life and therefore he’s my savior,’” Drake said.

Christopher Cadelago: 916-326-5538, @ccadelago