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Superdelegate Jerry Brown “super interested” in presidential race

Jerry Brown: We'll need to 'build a wall around California'

California governor Jerry Brown lambastes GOP frontrunner Donald Trump.
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California governor Jerry Brown lambastes GOP frontrunner Donald Trump.

A contested presidential campaign has imbued California’s last-in-the-nation primary with new significance and highlighted the role of party “superdelegates.”

Gov. Jerry Brown has a hand in both. The leader of a state that could play a decisive role in the nominating process, he is also one of several hundred elected officials, party elders and other superdelegates who help pick the Democratic nominee.

“As one of the superdelegates,” Brown said on Monday, “I’m super interested.”

So who are you supporting, governor? Are you a Bernie Sanders supporter or a Hillary Clinton partisan?

“I am a superdelegate,” Brown replied, before adding that he was “assessing the full range” of options and was in no rush to make a decision.

“I didn’t propose to my wife for 15 years,” he noted, “and it turned out perfectly.”

But when questions turned to Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz, who was campaigning in California on Monday as he seeks to supplant frontrunner Donald Trump, Brown had a more direct opinion.

“I marvel at the fact he got out of Harvard and has so many lame ideas,” Brown said.

Bernie Sanders soundly beat Hillary Clinton in the New Hampshire primary — but Hillary Clinton actually took away the same number of delegates from the state as Sen. Sanders. The Democratic Party's practice of using "superdelegates" means that Ber

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