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Bernie Sanders lists Hillary Clinton criticisms he doesn’t raise

Bernie Sanders says he's not running 'scorched earth' campaign

But he says voters are entitled to know about the differences between candidates.
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But he says voters are entitled to know about the differences between candidates.

Bernie Sanders, responding to Gov. Jerry Brown’s concern about a “scorched earth” primary hurting Hillary Clinton, said Tuesday he has avoided hitting the likely Democratic nominee on “major, major areas” – and then proceeded to list them.

“I’ve been asked 5 million times about the emails, and I haven’t said anything,” Sanders said in a brief interview before a rally here. “I’ve been asked about the Clinton Foundation, didn’t say anything. Bill Clinton’s personal life? Never said a word.

“So I don’t think it’s fair to suggest that I am running a scorched earth policy.”

Sanders was responding to Brown’s apparent criticism of Sanders over the weekend, when he said, “I don’t think anybody should be seeking the Democratic nomination with a scorched earth policy.”

Brown, who ran unsuccessfully for president three times, said, “Any time you have a primary, which I’ve been in many times, there’s a great exuberance in getting highly negative, and I think it’s a temptation that should be avoided.”

On Tuesday, Sanders said, “I think he’s right.”

“It has never been my intention, and never will be my intention, to run a scorched earth campaign,” the Vermont senator said. “But I think the people of California, the people of America, are entitled to know the differences between us.”

He added, “As Jerry Brown well knows – he’s been in a few campaigns himself – what campaigns are about is differentiating your differences with your opponent.”

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