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Jerry Brown likely to take mixed action on guns before European vacation

Gov. Jerry Brown suggested Thursday that he will take mixed action on a series of gun control measures before leaving on a European vacation Friday, vetoing some bills and signing others.

“We certainly have a lot of laws here,” Brown said in an interview. “Of course, that’s my general view. We could probably have fewer, but we’ll look at them.”

Brown’s remarks came as the state Senate and Assembly took up about a dozen firearms bills Thursday, including a measure to require background checks for ammunition purchases. Brown did not state positions on any of the measures but said of his action on them, “I hope it will be a mixed bag.”

Since taking office in 2011, the Democratic governor has posted a mixed record on gun control measures. Meanwhile, he has complained loudly about other states’ “wide open” gun laws, suggesting they render California’s more restrictive controls less effective.

Brown said Thursday that he will act on the current bills before leaving the country for Europe at 11 a.m. on Friday. Brown plans to vacation with family members and friends at Lake Como in Italy, after which he said he will “go off and visit a few other countries.”

His itinerary includes Bulgaria, Romania and Ukraine. Brown said he will travel with real estate developer George Marcus, a friend, on his private plane.

Asked why he selected those destinations, Brown said, “Because George Marcus hasn’t visited those countries yet.”

Brown is expected to be out of the country for just more than two weeks and said he does not plan to conduct official business. However, he said he will probably “sit and spend a lot of time talking with people.”

“I can only visit so many monasteries,” the former Jesuit seminarian said.

In a largely personal trip to Ireland and Germany in 2013, Brown held meetings with government officials in both countries.

Of this vacation, Brown said, “I’m going because my wife likes vacations more than I do.”

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