Capitol Alert

Farmworker overtime vote highlighted rural-urban divide

Monday’s approval of legislation to phase in state overtime rules for farmworkers again underscored the urban-rural divide on many of the issues that come before the California Legislature.

Lawmakers representing more rural or suburban parts of the Central Valley, Republican and Democrat alike, voted against Assembly Bill 1066. They were joined in opposition by Republican lawmakers from suburban GOP-friendly seats in coastal Southern California.

Democrats from the San Francisco Bay Area and Los Angeles County overwhelmingly supported the bill, as did some Democrats from more inland districts, such as as Assembly members Joaquin Arambula, D-Fresno, and Jose Medina, D-Riverside. Assemblyman Eric Linder, R-Corona, was the sole Republican to back the measure.

Four Democrats did not vote Monday, all of them representing districts with significant agriculture sectors.

Zoom in and click on districts in the map below to see how Assembly members voted.