Anti-Prop. 53 campaign overplays disaster card in TV ad

Proposition 53, backed by wealthy Stockton-area farmer Dino Cortopassi, would require voter approval before California can issue more than $2 billion of revenue bonds for a single state project. This ad against it misleadingly imagines a worst-case scenario to suggest that the measure could have a broad impact on California infrastructure.

Capitol Alert

Is tax extension needed to prevent $4 billion in school cuts?

Proponents of a ballot measure to extend what voters were told would be temporary higher taxes in California correctly state that schools will benefit from Proposition 55. But the ad’s warning of $4 billion in cuts if the measure does not pass relies on an optimistic assumption of how much money the tax will raise.

Schubert ad accuses DA opponent of courtroom misdeeds

A new ad from Sacramento County District Attorney Anne Marie Schubert claims that her opponent, deputy DA Noah Phillips, cut a secret deal with a murder defendant.