Ad Watch: Ose spreads flawed claims about Bera’s earnings

Republican congressional candidate Doug Ose, a successful developer from Sacramento County, has been unfairly criticized by Democrats over the reason his personal wealth increased while he served six years in the House. Now, Ose is out with a mostly misleading TV ad of his own that claims it’s Bera who has been getting rich off government.

Following is text of the ad, and an analysis by Christopher Cadelago of The Bee Capitol Bureau.

Narrator: “The Sacramento Bee calls Ami Bera’s attacks against Doug Ose ‘misleading.’ ‘Not truthful,’ says KCRA.

Ami Bera’s the one who’s gotten filthy rich in Washington, increasing his wealth by more than $2 million. Ami Bera voted with Nancy Pelosi nearly 90 percent of the time, supporting Obamacare, devastating cuts to Medicare and a $1 trillion tax hike. Ami Bera is everything that’s wrong with Washington.

Analysis: Candidates’ personal wealth has been a frequently discussed topic this year in campaigns across the country, as each side tries to stake its claim to being the best to represent the middle class.

The problem with Ose’s ad, however, is that he is wealthier than Bera.

While Ose was consistently among Congress’ richest members, Bera this year registered No. 100 out of 538. Worse, perhaps, is the fact that the ad relies on the same false premise Democratic critics previously used against Ose: that Bera’s increase in wealth is connected to his work in Washington.

Ose’s numbers are also wrong. The true value of Bera’s assets increased by less than $1 million since he went to Washington. Even adding in his congressional salary, as Ose does, doesn’t get the number close to $2.3 million.

The ad’s remaining claims have been analyzed, some repeatedly.

In the 113th Congress, Bera voted with Pelosi 79 percent of the time, or on 908 out of 1,155 roll call votes in which neither abstained, according to OpenCongress.org. Ose voted with Republicans more than 90 percent of the time when he served in Congress.

It’s true Bera rebuffed GOP attempts to repeal the health care law, which put an end to insurers being able to discriminate or charge people more money because they have pre-existing health conditions. The law, by some estimates, does collect $1 trillion in taxes, but over a decade. And many residents will receive financial relief through health care subsidies as a result.

The plan does not “cut” Medicare, but seeks to slow its growth.

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