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Dan Walters

Carbon auction perks up but could stumble again

California’s quarterly auction of cap-and-trade carbon emission allowances perked up a bit this month. A glut of emission allowances and legal and political uncertainty over the program could return the auctions to near-zero next year unless Gov. Jerry Brown can get it reauthorized.

Dan Walters

Could California succeed if it became a nation?

With President-elect Donald Trump headed for the White House, some in liberal California have advanced the notion that it should become a separate nation. Calexit is highly unlikely, and secession, were it to occur, would come with its own set of problems.

Dan Walters

California’s 58 counties need governance reform

California’s 58 county governments suffer from dual roles that often conflict and an outdated governance system. Larger counties, such as Los Angeles, would benefit from enlarging their five-member boards of supervisors to improve representation and having an elected executive who would be accountable to voters.

A drone tours a long-abandoned, half-built high school complex in northeast Natomas

Graffiti-filled buildings of the East Natomas Education Complex sits vacant in an open field between Regency Park and East Levee Road. A Twin Rivers Unified School District board vote Tuesday night dashed the hopes of it being completed.