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52 California state employees to receive Medal of Valor

California Department of Human Resources

California state government will present its Medal of Valor to more than four dozen state workers on Thursday during a ceremony from 1 p.m to 3 p.m. at the California Highway Patrol Academy in West Sacramento. The award is the highest honor the state bestows on its public servants.

Since 1959, the state has given medals to 523 state employees.

This year, Executive Secretary Nancy McFadden will present the award to 52 employees from eight departments:

California Conservation Corps

Mark Allee

California Highway Patrol

Joseph Urrea

Michael Brush II

Jacob Moniz

John Banister

Joseph Heightman

Tyler Carlton

Dane Norem

Adam Garcia

Wesley Jones

Steven Lewis

Angel Arceo

Michael Burton

Department of Fish and Wildlife

Gary Combes

John Ewald

Doug Huckins

Kyle Kroll

Arthur Golden

Carmelo A. Spada

Department of Forestry and Fire Protection

Joshpae B. White

Joshua Potter

Jason Moorhouse

Joseph Walton

Elizabeth Marks

Robert L. Chesnick

Brian R. Cali

Jason A. Patterson

Matthew S. Reischman

Department of Motor Vehicles

Carrie Jean Stanton

Nedra Cartwright-May

Geoffrey L. Holmes

Kathy Myles-Daniels

Conrad Rivarde

Department of Parks and Recreation

Justin S. McHenry

Evan S. Walter

Department of Transportation

Victor Guerrero

Daniel Santacruz

Gary Hahn

Jamie Hill

Christopher J. Harvey

Stephen T. Elias

Gregory K. Englund

Brian Borella

Joe J. Martinez

Alberto P. Miramontes

Jose J. Linares

Barry Morrison

Jerry Bachmann

Johnnie James

James Murrieta

David Guerena

Department of Water Resources

Kevin Mefford

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