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The Sacramento Bee’s State Worker blog makes a change

You may not have noticed as the change is so subtle, but The State Worker blog switched publishing platforms today.

Simply put, we’ve gone from using a blog-only software to using a software package that can publish stories and other items to several types of online and print media.

What does this mean to you, O Faithful Users?

The big upside: All the news of particular interest to California state employees will reside here. No more searching around for news of interest to state employees or our weekly State Worker column. We’ll post all of it here:

The system switch also allows us to build links within news stories and columns to pertinent reports, websites and other news posts, just like we do for blog items. That means more information, more quickly, is available to online users.

What about the more than 4,700 older State Worker posts from the old system? Fear not! You can still access the 4,000 or so items dating back to the blog’s mid-2008 launch here or via the pull-down menu on the right side of this page, just like always.

There’s always a learning curve with new computer programs, and occasionally things don’t go exactly as planned. If you notice a glitch, please shoot an email our way: