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Pay raise on the way for Water Resources employees

Blog User S emailed this question:

Hey Jon,

As you know the state authorized raises for the DWR engineers and others and it was signed into law but to this date we have yet to see an increase on our check...We thought that you would like to know the state again is lagging... here is the article that was written, but it was decided to go to you since you write the state worker blog....We would really like to know why the state is is the article that talks about the increases...thanks...

Here to serve, S. And here’s the answer: You and 740 other Department of Water Resources employees in 34 job classifications will get pay increases ranging between 17.9 percent to 37.4 percent by the end of November.

CalHR spokeswoman Pat McConahay tells The State Worker that the raises, retroactive to July 1 of this year, took longer to process than most. First, the affected positions had to be reclassified, which meant the State Personnel Board needed to sign off. That happened last week.

Then CalHR had to write up its pay letter telling the State Controller’s Office who gets the raises and how much. That happened today. The controller’s office then carries out those instructions ( or not).

The raises should show up on warrants for the November pay period, McConahay said. Around that same time, back pay for July through October raises will be issued separately -- just in time for the holidays.

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