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San Jose Mayor Chuck Reed extends hand to state unions

San Jose Mayor and public pension reform crusader Chuck Reed has asked the heads of state employee unions and the California Teachers Association to give him a call. The reason? To chat about Reed’s 2014 ballot measure to give state and local governments the authority to cut pensions for current state and local government employees.

After laying out his rationale for the measure, which still needs to qualify for the November 2014 ballot, Reed writes, “We understand that many of you may object to the Pension Reform Act of 2014, but I want to assure you that we are simply looking for a common-sense solution to a complex and serious problem.” He closes with, “Please feel free to contact me ... if you are amenable to a meeting.”

What do you think of Reed’s letter? Foolhardy? Shrewd? Sincere? Will unions take him up on it? Ignore it? Blast it? Head over to The State Worker Facebook page and weigh in with your thoughts.

Letter from Mayor Reed to CA Labor Leaders

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