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Board of Equalization to get update on building proposals

The tax-collecting Board of Equalization has carved out time this morning for a presentation of the 25 ideas submitted for where to move the agency’s 4,000-plus employees.

A spreadsheet prepared in advance of BOE Deputy Director Liz Houser’s presentation expands on the news first reported in a recent State Worker column, and also shows public transit options, existing property debt, ownership and links via Google Maps to each location.

The board’s 24-story tower at 450 N St. in Sacramento has a long history of building defects, from leaky windows and faulty elevators to toxic mold and corroded waste water pipes. It’s also too small. For years, the board has wanted to get out of the facility, but its monthly lease payments are paying down bonds used to purchase the building. Those obligations won’t be paid off for another eight years.

You can catch a webcast of the meeting at BOE HQ by clicking here. The facility discussion should start shortly after the board convenes at 9:30 a.m.

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