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California Controller John Chiang releases new county, city pay data

Question: What do a city manager, a city attorney and a police sergeant have in common? Answer: They occupy the top three spots on State Controller John Chiang’s city government salary survey.

The data is part of local government wage and benefit update that covers 637,435 employees who together earned about $38.9 billion in 2012. Chiang also has compiled this list of counties, cities and special districts that didn’t file salary and compensation reports. Chiang also keeps track of compensation paid to state employees and public college and university workers.

We’ve embedded below the Top 10 city and Top 10 county pay outs for 2012. You can download the raw data for cities and counties to delve more deeply into the particulars: regular pay, overtime, lump-sum pay and “other pay,” such as leave cash outs -- but no names. Last year’s highest-paid local government employee, an orthopedic surgeon in Kern County, received about $673,000 in regular pay and $367,500 in “other” pay.

SCO Report: Top 10 City and County Salaries 2012