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The State Worker’s Top 10: Salaried California government workers also hold hourly wage jobs

It was true.

What started as a January story about salaried workers also holding hourly-pay positions at one California department soon broadened to 10 others when the controller released “additional appointments” data requested by The Bee. The tally at that time: 571 non-hourly employees, mostly managers, also held at least one other hourly-wage position.

CalPERS, the focus of The Bee’s initial reporting on the practice, defended its use of additional appointments as a cost-saving measure allowed under the terms of a policy that had been on the books for decades. Besides, the fund said, other departments did the same thing.

That turned out to be absolutely accurate, but the growing controversy about the policy prompted CalPERS to end its use of additional appointments. Not long after, Gov. Jerry Brown banned it for all departments under his authority.

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