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The State Worker’s Top 10: SEIU Local 1000 gets a contract

After going several years without a general salary increase for the 95,000 state workers it represents, SEIU Local 1000 last summer announced a new contract deal with Gov. Jerry Brown that included an across-the-board pay raise.

The deal, however, fell short of the terms President Yvonne Walker said she demanded from Gov. Jerry Brown: an immediate across-the-board $2,500 bonus, followed by a 7 percent salary increase in 2014 and 9 percent boost the following year. She figured that the state owed that much to make good for all those years of stagnant wages and government furloughs that were the most onerous in the nation.

As reported in this blog’s 3rd-most-viewed post of 2013, SEIU Local 1000 says tentative labor agreement includes raises, Walker settled for a general 4.5 percent pay hike over three years. DMV employees represented by Local 1000 received an additional raise.

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