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Column Extra: Who handles minor state pay adjustments?

Our column in today’s fiber/cyber Bee explains how Caltrans employee Rodolfo dela Cruz’ pay fell 2 cents per day shy of qualifying for a raise last year for state workers earning the maximum in their job classifications. He did eventually receive a $1 monthly raise that put him in line to get the pay bump this spring, but it’s not clear why he received what amounted to a 0.0002 percent pay increase.

Departments have authority to make minor pay adjustments, although Caltrans told dela Cruz that it doesn’t make even $1-per-month wage changes to get employees to the maximum step, according to an email reviewed by The Bee.

CalHR spokeswoman Pat McConahay said that her department has received phone calls about about this issue since last summer and refers callers to back to their own departments’ personnel offices. There’s no data on minor pay adjustment statewide, she said, because departments have the authority to handle such matters themselves. Here’s the 2007 memo that delegates that authority. Scroll down to the bottom of Page 2, “Merit Salary Adjustments.”

Personnel Management Liaisons memo 2007026

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