The State Worker

Poll: California state workers have various takes on leave cash out offer

Since our report on the state’s employee leave cash out program for three bargaining units and all excluded employees (if departments can afford it), we’ve fielded calls and emails from state workers whose responses range from praise to disdain.

One employee said the extra cash would help offset a hefty tax bill he has to pay this month. Another state worker said the program is too narrowly defined and too cheap; she thought it should apply to all employees and should cash out up to 40 hours of leave. Another suggested only employees above the state’s 640-hour cap on leave should be able to buy down hours.

Another state employee said he’s not in one of the groups eligible for the program, but if offered the chance, he wouldn’t cash out his leave. He has small kids and needs the hours more to stay home when they’re sick. If you had the chance to cash out 20 hours of leave, would you? Take our poll. In a few months, we’ll match the results against how many state workers are offered a leave cash out opportunity versus how many take it.