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Column Extra: Attorney General Jerry Brown’s arguments for boosting state attorneys’ pay

This week’s State Worker column details how then-Attorney General Jerry Brown in 2007 said in a court filing that state attorneys in his office were so underpaid that it threatened the viability of his office’s function to enforce the law.

Although Brown has since become governor and has bargained one contract with the attorneys, their pay still lags far behind that of counterparts in other public agencies.

State lawyers haven’t had an across-the-board salary increase since the 3.6 percent bargained with the Schwarzenegger administration in 2006. (A few classifications have seen a bit more since then, and last year the state added a top step to the employee pay scale.) CASE wants more than the 4.5 percent phased-in salary increases Brown has bargained with other groups.

Here’s Brown’s 2007 declaration to the court, which supported the attorneys’ lawsuit over inadequate pay.

AG Jerry Brown's 2009 declaration in support of CA attorney pay raises by Jon Ortiz

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