The State Worker

Poll: Which California state workers’ union will be first to make next move?

Three California state employee unions still without contracts share a common concern: pay.

One, International Union of Operating Engineers Local 39 rejected a proposal from Gov. Jerry Brown that included a modest pay raise that would leave state building equipment operators’ salaries well shy of what their counterparts earn in the public and private sectors. Talks are continuing between the administration and the union.

Another, California Association of Professional Scientists, is sending out a proposal to members for a ratification vote that will be counted at the end of this month. The union’s board issued the proposal without recommending members approve it, since it also falls short of establishing pay parity with other public employees who do the same work – including some state engineers.

And California Attorneys, Administrative Law Judges, and Hearing Officers in State Employment, hasn’t even reached a deal for its members to accept or reject. It seems unlikely, however, that the Brown administration will offer more than the 4.5 percent raise offered to the operating engineers and scientists.

With that background, break out your crystal ball and make your prediction via our poll.