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CDCR deputy leaving for Stockton administration job

Scott Carney, who sometimes endured withering criticism from lawmakers for his department’s perceived inefficiencies, is leaving his administrative post at the Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation to become a deputy city manager for Stockton. He begins his new job on Sept. 2.

Carney is stepping down from state job that paid him $143,774 last year as director of Corrections’ Division of Administrative Services to take a city job with an annual salary of $192,000.

Administrative Services has an annual operating budget of $178 million and nearly 2,100 staff that manage human resources and business services for the entire $10.7 billion state correctional system and its 61,000 employees.

By comparison, Stockton’s annual budget is $633 million and the city employs about 1,500 workers, city spokeswoman Connie Cochran said. As one of two deputy city managers, Carney oversee city fiances and some other operations.

Stockton has filed for bankruptcy, which triggered a nationally-watched dispute over public pensions. The city regularly appears on Forbes’ “Most Dangerous Cities” list, and last week was the scene of a running gun battle between local police and armed robbers that left a hostage and two of the suspects dead.

Carney’s 20-year government career has seen its rough patches. As a top administrator in the prison system, he took legislative tongue lashings when the department blew its budgets or failed to deliver timely reports to lawmakers. He was also a key behind-the-scenes figure in executing Gov. Jerry Brown’s controversial program to shrink the state prison system by sending more convicted criminals to local jails.