The State Worker

Study: Majority of state and local governments not prepared to go mobile

The majority of state and local government agencies don’t have the plans, tools or system support needed to exploit mobile technology, according to a new study released Monday by a public-private organization that promotes government teleworking.

Nearly 60 percent of government technology managers say their agencies aren’t ready to go mobile, with security concerns (56 percent) and lack of funding (52 percent) cited as the most common obstacles noted in a survey by Mobile Work Exchange on behalf of technology firm Citrix. Other hurdles: management resistance (29 percent) and cultural barriers (23 percent).

Still, 65 percent of the 150 state and local tech managers surveyed said they expect the number of mobile government workers to increase in the next five years.

Asked what single decision their agencies’ top leaders could make to improve mobile readiness, those surveyed named increasing their technology budget (you can imagine Citrix is thrilled with that response), updating technology infrastructure, and increasing employees’ eligibility to telework.