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From the notebook: The list of government supplemental pays; Jerry Brown’s pension letter to CalPERS

Our lead story in today’s fiber/cyber Bee looks at a CalPERS proposal that would allow about 100 categories of state- and local-government employees’ supplemental pay to be included in their pension calculations, including temporary promotions that receive upgraded pay. Gov. Jerry Brown opposes including “temporary upgrade pay” in the list of salary enhancements that would factor into pension-benefit calculations.

A board committee approved the measure today and a vote by the full board is set for Wednesday.

Here’s the letter Brown sent last week to CalPERS Board of Administration President Rob Feckner, explaining the governor’s opposition to temporary upgrade pay. Below is the list of salary enhancements that CalPERS’ staff has proposed should be made pensionable. The list is an aggregate of supplemental pay types found across all of the fund’s member employers. No single employer uses them all.

State and local government supplemental pay categories

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