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California state attorneys’ union approves contract offered by Jerry Brown

Members of California’s state legal corps have approved a labor contract with Gov. Jerry Brown, their union has told members in an email.

With approximately two-thirds of eligible members voting, 82 percent agreed to take the three-year deal, according to California Attorneys, Administrative Law Judges said Hearing Officers in State Employment. The union represents roughly 3,500 legal professionals.

Not long after CASE announced member voting results, lawmakers on Friday approved a bill that allocates at total $18.1 million to cover raises and other increased compensation costs in contracts bargained with the attorneys union ($12.6 million), the state scientists union ($3.1 million) and state building operators ($2.4 million).

The same measure, Senate Bill 879, sets aside $10.2 million for a 4 percent state fire-fighter raise that kicks in Jan. 1.

The scientists’ union sent out ratification ballots last week and will count them on Sept. 11. The building operators’ union will count ballots on Sept. 15. Members of both unions rejected a previous tentative agreement with the Brown administration.

CASE Vote Announcement