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Assembly candidates weigh in on BOE headquarters

Come January, either Kevin McCarty or Steve Cohn will represent California’s 7th Assembly District, which includes the state’s defective Board of Equalization headquarters in downtown Sacramento.

Local lawmakers over the years have pushed bills to get the massive tax agency’s 2,200 workers into another facility, but they’ve failed for financial and political reasons. A measure by Assemblyman Roger Dickinson, D-Sacramento, awaits Gov. Jerry Brown’s anticipated signature, but the measure merely commits the state to a building review, not moving out of the building.

The Sacramento City councilman who wins the termed-out Dickinson’s seat in November will also inherit the BOE headache. So it seemed natural to ask both Democrats during their recent visits to the Bee’s Capitol Bureau: What should be done with the 24-story tower?

McCarty on the BOE building

Cohn on the BOE building