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From the Notebook: How CalPERS’ board pays itself

Photo illustration
Photo illustration

Our story in Sunday’s fiber/cyber Sacramento Bee highlights how CalPERS board member George Diehr is a pension double dipper and how board member Priya Mather was on paid leave but failed to account for how she spent her time for more than a year. Check out the story, then look at these documents for more details:

This spreadsheet is CalPERS compilation of money sent to employers of board members to cover their pay and benefits. Click the tabs at the bottom of the display to toggle between board members. Note the far right column of each page, which shows what percentage of employee compensation CalPERS reimbursed each quarter for each board member.

Here’s the law that establishes employer reimbursement for leave granted CalPERS board members to conduct fund business.

This link opens the board’s employer-reimbursement policy, including how qualified board members are to report their hours. The policy also places responsibility for maintaining the system on CalPERS president and its chief executive officer.

George Diehr elected to take a reduced pension while he received half-time pay as a retired annuitant state university professor on leave for board business. His reason for doing that is not public record. This CalPERS publication explains how members can receive a lowered retirement benefit for up to five years, then receive increased benefits thereafter. Check out pages 4 and 5 of the document.

Here are Mathur’s quarterly time reports from 2007-08 through 2013-14. Note the signature dates from reports beginning with the last quarter of 2012.

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