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Employees of teachers’ union picket to negotiate retirement fix

Employees of the California Teachers Association held a rally outside the union’s headquarters on 10th Street Thursday, calling on the union to “secure” their pension benefits.

CTA employees are represented by two unions, the California Staff Organization and the California Associate Staff, and both are pushing CTA management to go back to the table to hash out concerns over the employees’ pension trust.

Chuck King, the president of the CSO, said both sides agreed to put their pensions in the “red zone” during the bargaining process to address issues of future funding. Pension funds are designated in the red zone when they are projected to pay out more money than they take in.

“We’ve made proposals that we think will fix that problem and we just are anxious to get back to the table and get that done,” he said Thursday.

King said the unions are not asking the CTA for better benefits but for a continuation of the existing pension plan.

“The retirement benefits we have, we just want to secure them,” he said.

The CTA did not immediately respond to request for comment.

Anshu Siripurapu: 916-321-1060, @AnshuSiripurapu