Did chunks of ice crash through California home’s roof? FAA is investigating

A plane is de-iced at the Indianapolis International Airport.
A plane is de-iced at the Indianapolis International Airport. AP

A Chino couple say large chunks of ice fell through their roof – and now the Federal Aviation Administration is investigating.

“Incidents such as this are extremely rare, but not unheard of,” FAA spokesman Ian Gregor wrote in an email Tuesday, according to The Press-Enterprise.

ABC7 and NBC Los Angeles identified the homeowners as the Blanchards.

Brandon Blanchard was outside talking to neighbors Saturday when there was a loud crash. He told ABC7 that his wife, LeeAnne, came outside and said there had been “an explosion or something.”

When the family went to the upstairs bathroom, they found a hole in the ceiling and chunks of ice in the bathtub.

“I’m wondering what’s going on,” Blanchard told ABC7. “Once I settled down, and I saw the ice, I think it had to fall from the sky. What’s in the sky? Airplanes!”

The FAA has not come to the conclusion yet that the ice dropped from a plane.

Gregor told The Press-Enterprise that since the ice was clear it could have formed on the outside from a leak in a plane’s galley. Ice from a plane’s lavatory would be blue.

“We are running radar replays to see which, if any, aircraft were flying over the area for a period of time before and after the homeowner says the incident occurred,” Gregor told The Press-Enterprise. “If we find aircraft were in the area, we will contact the operators to advise them to check their planes for possible water leaks.”