Intruder makes self at home with bag of Doritos, shower and the owner’s Dockers, cops say

An elderly man arrived at his Berkeley, California, home Friday night to discover a dirty glass and an empty bag of Doritos in his kitchen, police say.

He went to check the rest of his house and encountered Nao Myers, 41, still soaking wet from a shower, in the master bedroom, police told the East Bay Times.

"This is my house," Myers told the owner, according to KTVU. “You need to leave!”

The homeowner fled the house and called 911. When police arrived around 6 p.m., they found Myers still in the bedroom but now wearing a Dockers dress shirt, Land’s End pants and a belt from the owner’s closet, officers told KPIX.

Myers, whom police described as homeless, had stuffed his own dirty clothes into the man’s hamper, reported The Daily Californian.

Police said Myers may have gained access to the home using a key hidden outside, reported The San Francisco Chronicle. He was arrested on suspicion of burglary and violating parole.

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