Police seek Turlock woman captured on video holding child so daughter can hit her

Modesto Bee file

A video widely viewed on social media has Turlock police seeking a woman on false imprisonment and other charges. The video, taken at Columbia Park about 3 p.m. Friday, shows the woman holding a girl so her daughter can repeatedly hit her.

It starts with the victim walking away from the mother and daughter. The mother grabs her and spins her around.

“Hit her. It’s after school. It’s after school,” the woman yells, letting the girl go as her daughter strikes the victim on the head several times. It sounds like the woman continues, “You can’t get in trouble for getting expelled! Yeah, after school!”

The smaller girl cries “No” and tries to shield herself.

After being freed by her attacker, the girl says to the mother, “What the f--- is wrong with you?”

Getting into the victim’s face, the woman yells a few more things, then challenges the victim: “F--- with my kid! F--- with her!”

Police believe the 23-second video was shot by another child, a friend of the victim.

Iriana Lizarraga Acuna shared the video on her Facebook page, writing: “This mom holds my daughter while her daughter hits her at their bus stop! Someone please help me identify her! Share please!!!!! I don’t even have words to explain how I feel right now this bullying needs to stop please.”

Turlock police spokesman Sgt. Russell Holeman said the victim’s mother informed the department of the attack. TPD then started getting a lot more calls when the video circulated on Facebook and other platforms.

Officers also have spoken with both girls and have tried to talk with the mother who instigated the beating, “but she was either not home or is avoiding us,” Holeman said. “She knows she’s wanted, we’ve been to her residence, and we urge her to turn herself in.”

The woman, whose name was not released, is wanted on suspicion of felony false imprisonment, and misdemeanor child abuse and contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

Asked if the 12-year-old seen hitting the other girl could face any prosecution, Holeman said other factors would play into that decision, including any possible prior criminal history on the girl’s part.

The case has been referred to Juvenile Hall, where kids in such situations often are assigned community service or anger-management classes, the sergeant said.

“But if this is a simple school fight, where it didn’t appear there was any significant injury,” he said, it’s more likely going to be turned over to the girl’s school for disciplinary action, even though the beating didn’t happen on school grounds.