Peace walker makes Merced stop

Walking in Merced’s sweltering heat is a tall calling for anyone familiar with the Valley summers, but Luke Wonderly says he’ll do it for world peace. Wonderly, 57, has been on a walking trek that began in Bakersfield in late April.

His plan is to walk across the United States to promote long-term world peace, and along the way meet with each state governor. He plans to make it to Washington D.C., with the goal of meeting with members of the House of Representatives, Senate and the president.

Wonderly stopped in Merced on Monday, where he stopped by the Merced Sun-Star to talk about his trip. Wonderly made a similar stop at the Chowchilla News last week. As he walks, Wonderly pushes a cart advertising his peace walk. With a smile and a handshake, he also hands fliers to passers-by with information about his trip. To track Wonderly’s progress, visit