Frosty early mornings to continue in Sacramento area

Frosty mornings will be the norm at least the next few nights.

The National Weather Service said the temperature dipped to 32 degrees at 5:30 a.m. Tuesday in Sacramento, and the low is expected to drop to 33 degrees overnight Wednesday and 34 degrees overnight Thursday.

While Saturday may see rain, the night of New Year’s Eve is expected to be partly cloudy without rain in the forecast.

For skiers, the week should likewise be mostly sunny in the mountains through Friday. The weather service predicts a chance of snow showers starting Friday night through Monday.

The clear weather is making for ideal conditions for trying out new toys around town or on a mountainside.

“The last storm was almost perfect. It was great snow quality,” said Kevin “Coop” Cooper, a spokesman for the Vail Ski Resorts in Lake Tahoe. Since Saturday, Kirkwood resort has added 19 inches of snow, while Heavenly has added 12 inches of natural snow.

The heavy snowfall followed by clear roadways is good for business, Cooper said.

“I haven’t seen a holiday like this in quite some time,” he said.

The consistently low temperatures are ideal conditions for using and making snow.

Northstar Ski Resort got 17 inches of natural snow during the storm. Since the storm, it has been able to “pump snow” 24 hours a day, allowing the resort to have 68 of 100 lifts open, said spokeswoman Marcie Bradley.

Light winds are expected in the mountains – a contrast to last week, when severe wind conditions forced some ski resorts to close chairlifts.

“This is the coldest part of the year,” said Johnnie Powell, a meteorologist with the weather service. “We are right where we should be.”

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