Comfortable trick-or-treating weather expected before wet weekend

Watch this for a safer, happier Halloween

A police department offers tips to help you have a safe and fun Halloween.
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A police department offers tips to help you have a safe and fun Halloween.

Forecasts call for a dry, cool night of trick-or-treating Tuesday, followed by rain in the Sacramento Valley and snow in the foothills as early as Thursday.

The National Weather Service expects temperatures to fall from 71 degrees to 61 degrees between 5 and 8 p.m. Tuesday in Sacramento. Most areas of the valley and foothills will stay in the 50s and 60s during prime trick-or-treating hours, while the mountains will dip into the 40s.

Sprinkles may begin as early as Thursday morning in the valley before an inch or two of rain will likely fall Friday and Saturday, according to the weather service. Snow is expected above 6,000 feet throughout the weekend and into early next week.

The weather has called this weekend’s flurries “the first meaningful winter storm” and cautions that drivers may face heavier traffic and longer commute times as a result of crashes on slick roads. Area residents are also advised to clear their gutters of fallen leaves before rainfall.

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Trick-or-treating tips

For parents:

▪ Consider attending a community or church event.

▪ If Trick-or-Treating, map out your route ahead of time and only visit well-lit houses.

▪ Ensure your child’s costume is non-flammable and marked with reflective tape.

▪ Try not to use masks as it can obstruct your child’s view.

▪ Send children with flashlights and easy to carry Halloween candy bags.

▪ Accompany younger children – trick or treat in groups, never alone.

▪ Take a cellular phone or two-way radio device with you.

▪ Avoid taking shortcuts through an alleyway, stay on the sidewalk.

▪ Check candy before children consume it – if the wrapper is open, throw it out.

For children/teenagers:

▪ Carry a flashlight.

▪ Never enter the house of a stranger.

▪ Stay on the sidewalks and use well-lit streets. Do not walk in the street.

▪ Look both ways before crossing the street.

▪ Stay with your group or a buddy.

▪ Carry only fake or flexible knives, or swords or other props.

▪ Teens younger than 18 without a parent present have a 10 p.m. curfew.

▪ Examine candy before its eaten.

For motorists:

▪ Use extra caution when entering or exiting a driveway.

▪ Watch for children darting out from behind parked vehicles.

▪ Watch for children walking in the roadway.

▪ Drive slowly on residential streets.

▪ Don’t drive distracted – and never drink and drive.

For homeowners:

▪ Remove any obstacles from your front walkway for trick-or-treaters.

▪ If you plan to hand out candy, turn your porch light on.

▪ Keep pets away from children.

▪ Use battery-operated lights instead of candles on your front porch.

▪ Call 911 if you observe any suspicious activity.

Source: Sacramento Police Department

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