Following unusually cool May, Sacramento’s mild spring continues

California remains parched from a four-year drought, but Mother Nature has been doing some teasing lately.

First, in May, more than 4 inches of water in the form or rain or snow fell in the Sierra Nevada; that’s more than five times the normal amount in some places. Now, conditions appear poised for an extended spring, with light sprinkles forecast in the mountains and comfortably warm days and mild nights expected in the Sacramento Valley.

National Weather Service forecaster Craig Shoemaker said the month of May registered 2 degrees cooler than normal in the Valley, with daytime highs averaging 79 degrees. The pattern will continue this week, with a smattering of clouds and a slight warming trend later in the week.

Temperatures in the Valley are expected to range from 79 on Monday to 85 on Friday, with highs in the low 80s during the days between. Evening lows are forecast in the mid-50s. Meanwhile, another cooling front is expected to keep the weather mild next weekend.

“We’ve been used to warmer weather the past several springs, and we’ve been used to it heating up earlier,” Shoemaker said. “But we’ve had several storm systems that have dropped down the West Coast in the past three weeks in May. That has provided cooler temperatures and a little more precipitation over the Sierra.”

Shoemaker said rain in the mountains will be slight, at best, and that no rain is expected in the Valley. “It is really not going to have any impact at all on the drought,” he said.

Even so, Sacramento’s typically scorching summer appears in no hurry to arrive.

“We have a system that may develop over the coming weekend that could lead to cooler temperatures,” Shoemaker said.